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Moteur diesel marin Midif Le haut de gamme pour la motorisation de plaisance

Online Booking  - 10 % by bank transfer

The buyer chooses the products he wants to purchase, insofar as he was able to understand his need precisely (all the technical aspects) and that it is covered according to him by the product shown in the product sheet and according to the scope of supply strictly formulated on the web site. He has the possibility to reserve the chosen product by making an online payment of 10%.

As it concerns a marine engine which needs to be integrated in a boat by a third party (shipyard, marine mechanics workshop) or by the buyer himself as an amateur builder, the 10% payment for the reservation does not constitute an acceptance of the order by MIDIF.

Indeed, upon receipt of the amount paid by the customer for the reservation for the selected product, MIDIF will contact by phone, fax or e-mail the buyer to ensure its choice, or to advise him another product non-proposed on the site but existing in the range of marine engines Midif.

A purchase order mentioning the engine type, the specifications, the final delivery scope, the delivery time and the total price will then be sent to the buyer by mail, fax or e-mail by MIDIF. The purchase order will be returned by the buyer signed by post mail or signature can also be done in the offices of MIDIF. Only a signed order can be validated by MIDIF.

In the case that the buyer has paid the requested online amount for an engine in its standard version and that MIDIF cannot validate its choice and cannot propose another alternative version, the amount paid at reservation will be refunded in its entirety to the buyer.


You can pay by credit card, Mastercard, Visa.

After validation of the order form, you will automatically be redirected to the secure page of the LCL bank and all recorder payment data is immediately encrypted using SSL technology.

No data is transmitted and is stored on the site


If you chose this mean of payment, you will get our bank details in your mailbox for making the bank transfer of 10 % at your convenience.